The contents of the package, which is based on the life of Dr. Jan Karski, cover the pre-War period, World War II, the Holocaust and the post-War period. Jan Karski (born Jan Kozielewski) was an emissary of the Polish Underground State, who during World War II informed the western Allies about the ongoing Holocaust in occupied Poland. After the War, Karski remained in the United States, where he became a popular professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.

Topics of the package include: the German occupation; the efforts of the Polish Underground State and the Polish government-in-exile and the situation of the Jewish citizens of Poland. These topics are presented from Karski’s point of view and include commentary by historians. It also contains lesson plans for use in Holocaust curriculums.

This package was created by the Jan Karski. Unfinished Mission program of the Polish History Museum, Warsaw, Poland, www.en.muzhp.pl

Gabriela Sierocińska-Dec
Beata Wolszczak
Michał Zarychta
Małgorzata Żaryn
Translation: Hanna Kozłowska, Thomas Anessi, Bożena U. Zaremba
English language editors: Wanda Urbanska and Bożena U. Zaremba
Supervision of content: Ewa Wierzyńska

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Photos and archives: Hoover Institution Archives; Zofia Kossak’s Family Archives; East News, Museum of the City of Łodź; National Digital Archives; The Jan Karski International Institute for Dialogue and Tolerance in Ruda Śląska; and Warsaw Rising Museum.

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